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  • Watch instruction videos
  • Upload required documents to create a valid Declaration of Conformity automatically
  • Used by importers and Amazon sellers
  • Provides online storage and backups of your legal documents
Valid Declaration of Conformity 
  • Includes complete information about your legal responsibilities
  • Approved by legal experts within CE marking
  • Accepted by Amazon and any other marketplace
  • Helps you check for fake CE mark
  • Keeps you out of trouble with the market authorities
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This is one of the most innovative and powerful tools one has built to date. It allows you to get your product's CE document in place for Amazon and the EU market in NO TIME! 

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Save time and effort in creating a Declaration of Conformity for your product



3 products


Charged monthly, commitment period: 6 months

  • 3 products included
  • Compliant with Amazon
  • Information about responsibilities
  • Email support within 3 business days
  • 14-day money back guarantee
  • Store your documentation within the EU
  • Monitoring for changes
  • Get listed on ce-marked.eu (coming soon)


product only


Pay once - no subscription required.

  • Valid for one product for 30 days
  • Compliant with Amazon
  • Information about responsibilities
  • Email support within 7 business days
  • 14-day money back guarantee

-   Limited storage

x   No monitoring

x   No listing on ce-marked.eu


Up to 20 products


Always charged yearly, total charge: €3108

  • Everything from STANDARD
  • Up to 20 products
  • Custom colours
  • Premium support
  • Your own logo in Declaration
  • Custom domain for ce-marked.eu (coming soon)

Great service. I simply uploaded the required information and the system generated a valid Declaration of Conformity for my product. To my surprise, everything was done quickly and easily :)

Mario Conti

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FAQs about CE marking

1. What is CE marking? - CE marking, aka Conformité Européene, is a type of product certification which demonstrates that a product sold in the EU/EEA comply with relevant European legislation for health, safety and environmental protection. 

2. Which countries require CE marking? - CE marking is required for products sold in countries that are part of the EU or EEA. 

3. What products need to be CE marked? - CE marking is mandatory for a vast number of products, incl. medical devices, electronics, toys, machinery, and vehicles. A complete list of all products covered by the CE marking requirement can be found here. Products, such as books, paintings and cosmetics do NOT need to be CE marked.

4. What is a Declaration of Conformity? - The Declaration of Conformity is the document officially certifying that your product fulfils the CE marking requirements and is allowed to be sold in the EU/EEA. This document is sometimes called a "CE certification" or a "DoC". As an importer, you need to have a copy of this from your supplier and in some cases create one yourself. But don't worry, we will help you with that. 

5. What happens if my product fails to comply with the CE marking regulation? - If you place a non-compliant product on the market, the usual penalty is product recall, imprisonment and/or a monetary fine. You can see these in details in our service.

6. If I'm an importer, what are my responsibilities? - As an importer, you must make sure that all the products you place on the EU market comply with the applicable legislation. That means that you must have a valid Declaration of Conformity for each product you want to place on the market. By using our self-service system, you can create a valid, mistake-free Declaration of Conformity for your product(s).

7. If I'm selling my product on a marketplace like Amazon, what do I need to do? - If you want to sell a product on a marketplace like Amazon, you will be asked for a Declaration of Conformity for the product. This is a document certifying that the product is CE marked. With our service, we can help you create a valid Declaration of Conformity that Amazon will accept. 





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Released in September 2019, our self-service system has already proven worthy to many importers and Amazon sellers

Become CE compliant and sell your products in Europe

We make it easy for importers and Amazon sellers to create a valid Declaration of Conformity for their products and gain access to the European market.

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